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Adaptive Defence 360 from ISS

Adaptive Defense 360

Never suffer from Crypto Locker or other Cyber Crime malware ever again.

Ransomware has been a high profile, nasty and very costly subject.

But it’s something you need no longer worry about.

Panda have introduced the only Cyber-Security product that flips anti-virus on its head.

It’s a very simple idea. Rather than allowing your computer to run a piece of unknown software and then check to see if it is malware, the Panda labs check every program you run against a list of known “good” programs, so the bad ones don’t stand a chance.

Adaptive Defence 360 is installed alongside your existing anti-virus adding an extra layer of protection. It has an easy to use cloud based control panel and it could save you thousands of pounds recovering from a cyber attack.

Ransomware from ISSNow that you know there is a solution to malware, why leave yourself vulnerable?

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