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Did you know we now offer Digital Signage Solutions?

Digital Signage from ISS

Above is a picture of our 40” Samsung display in reception which connects to the internet and gets its content via Wi-Fi.

It’s all driven from a very easy to use cloud based system that you can update from anywhere on your PC, MAC or tablet. This board is clever enough to turn itself on in the morning and off when we go home and content can even be updated while it’s asleep.

You can play all kinds of content – Video, photos, clocks, RSS Feeds (ticker on the bottom is from BBC Tech News) and even weather reports. Soon we’ll be able to connect it with Office 365 and Google calendars so it can display anything from a meeting room diary to which car should be next on the ramp for an MOT.

You can also use web triggers to display different content based on certain conditions.

Screens can be as small as 10” to go above a meeting room door to 75” or a video wall if you have a huge space to fill.

We are really excited about this technology.

If you’re interested in Digital Signage give us a call, it’s a lot cheaper and easier than you might think!!

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